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The Power of Vulnerability

I fell in love with Dr Brené Brown when I saw her first TED talk in early 2011.

I revisited it recently and it’s still so amazingly insightful and worth watching again. I also discovered that she presented an RSA talk just a few days ago. The way she presents her work in this video makes the implications for mental health practitioners even more clear and concise.

Some of my favorite key points:

  • The comparison she does of Empathy and Sympathy. It’s similar to what we have been saying, but I like how she says it.
  • The discussion of blame and the inverse relationship it has with responsibility/accountability, and how the blame process gets in the way of empathetic connection.
  • Empathetic responses never start with “Well at least…”
  • Problem-solving rarely makes anything better. Good empathetic connection makes things better.

And in the little bit of the interview you get to see at the end… holy crap…

  • Guilt is what we feel when we did something bad. Shame is when we feel that we are something bad. Guilt becomes shame when we give up believing we can act differently.

Check it out!

New RSA Presentation – August 2013

Original TED Talk – January 2011